Martin Freeman - Hobbiten: Smaugs ødemark

Dette synes kritikerne om Smaugs ødemark

Gode vibber fra anmelderne.

Kritikerne har allerede fått se "Hobbiten: Smaugs ødemark", og det er stor enighet om at andre film ut overgår den første. Vi har plukket ut sitater fra noen av de positive anmeldelsene som har kommet så langt:

Jackson barely puts a hairy foot wrong for an action-packed two hours and 40 minutes - Daily Star

Martin Freeman som Bilbo Baggins i Hobbiten: Smaugs ødemark

Jackson evidently takes great pleasure in just giving us all this wonderful sense of escapism, with some unashamed, fantastical fun to indulge in - HeyUGuysA freewheeling and exciting second film that moves at a breathless pace offering up entertainment and excitement in equal measure and ends on a dramatic high that will have fantasy fans desperate for more - Screen InternationalDespite suffering from middle-act wobbles, The Desolation Of Smaug nevertheless delivers rousing action, incredible visuals and one stupendous dragon - Total Film

Smaug er dekket av gull i Hobbiten: Smaugs Ødemark

The Desolation of Smaug feels Ringsier in tone while forging entirely its own narrative path, marrying breathless action with shrewd character building - Digital SpyAs an audience, we are literally traveling there and back again, and with The Desolation of Smaug, I'd suggest you're in for a hell of a ride - Twitch

Richard Armitage og Dean O'Gorman i Hobbiten: Smaugs ødemark

A welcome return to form for Peter Jackson that should help remind everyone why they loved 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy so much - ComingSoon.netIt's a breathlessly told, action-packed crowd-pleaser that restores the luster of the saga for those underwhelmed by its predecessor and leaves you excited for the final chapter in the trilogy - IGN MoviesEschewing the kitchen-sink minutiae of the first installment, Peter Jackson creates a rousing, immersive sequel that offers the same sort of sweeping action - and emotional engagement - that helped the "Rings" films become a cultural phenomenon - The WrapMiddle-earth's got its mojo back. A huge improvement on the previous instalment, this takes our adventurers into uncharted territory and delivers spectacle by the ton - Empire Magazine

"Hobbiten: Smaugs ødemark" har norgespremiere onsdag 11. desember.

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