Bill Skarsgård i IT

Skrekkfilmen IT scorer 89 % på Rotton Tomatoes

Klovnestreker er åpenbart populært!

Fredag 8. september er det premiere på den meget etterlengede skrekkfilmen "IT", basert på Stephen Kings roman med samme navn. Den har også en tidligere filmversjon i "IT" fra 1990, hvor Tim Curry gjorde Pennywise-karakteren ikonisk.

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Trailer for "IT".

LES OGSÅ: Skarsgård fikk statist til å gråte under IT-innspillingen

Denne gangen er det svenske Bill Skarsgård som gestalter den demoniske klovnen, og skal vi tro kritikerne gjør både han og resten av crewet en glimrende jobb. På Rotten Tomatoes, en samleside for anmeldelser, ligger filmen på 89 % i score i skrivende stund. Her er noen høydepunkter:

Once the characters have been set up, Muschietti is free to linger as much as he wants over certain set pieces, and the results are as scary as they should be. - The Wrap

The infamous clown is plenty freaky, though it's the youngsters, bursting with hormones and one-liners, who make It one of the better Stephen King adaptations. - USA Today

It is scary, yes -- but it's heartbreaking, too. And that, even more than the clown's nasty tricks, might be what lingers with you. - Mashable

Everything about the film hits all the perfect notes-the cast, the score, the aesthetic, the unflinching horror, and an astute attention to the details-making IT one of the very best horror movies to come out during 2017. - Daily Dead

When a film of this magnitude has so many young characters front and center in the lead roles, so much depends on the casting -- and in this case, there's not a single misstep. - Chicago Sun Times

Yes, I crawled out of my skin and yes, Pennywise is still scary as all get-out, but the real strength of this film lies in The Losers Club and that incredible cast. - Nerdist

This is an ensemble smorgasbord of scariness, or maybe a portmanteau of petrification, throwing everything but the haunted kitchen-sink at the audience in the cause of freaking us out. - Guardian

It's not only exciting to see a movie that can elicit such an impressive visceral reaction, but also create a rich, cinematic world that somehow manages to be both terrifying and inviting. - Cinemablend

This unflinching, bloody, and visually stunning adaptation is sure to fill cinemas world over with screams aplenty. - Matt´s Movie Reviews