Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts ut av MCU

Avengers: Endgame er siste gangen vi får se Pepper, bekrefter Gwyneth Paltrow.

I et intervju med Variety bekrefter Paltrow at MCU-karakteren hennes pensjonerer seg etter Endgame.

- I mean, I’m a bit old to be in a suit and all that at this point. I feel very lucky that I did it, because I actually got talked into it. I was friend with Iron Man director Jon Favreau. It was such a wonderful experience making the first Iron Man and then to watch how important it has become to fans. I feel honored to be a part of something that people are so passionate about. Of course, if they said, ‘Can you come back for a day?,’ I will always be there if they need me.

Paltrow er for tiden svært opptatt med livstilskonseptet sitt Goop, som CEO.

I år er det 20 år siden hun vant en Oscar for Shakespeare in Love.

- I think that the movies and the business around them have changed so much in the last 20 years. I don’t think any of the movies I’m known for would get made today.

Som du sikkert har fått med deg så er det noen som har veldig lyst til at Black Panther skal få en Oscar også, noe Paltrow ikke har noe imot.

- I loved Black Panther. I thought it was a really powerful movie and culturally very important. So that’s great that it was nominated. I mean that’s so cool.