Samara Weaving i Ready or Not

Horrorfilmen Ready or Not scorer 89 % på Rotten Tomatoes

Bryllupsnatta fra ville helvete!

I dag har horrorkomedien "Ready or Not", fra studioet bak Oscar-vinneren "The Shape of Water", premiere - og vi som har sansen for litt blod, latter og gørr har noe å se frem til, skal vi tro anmelderne.

I filmen møter vi en ung brud, spilt av Samara Weaving, som i løpet av bryllupskvelden må ta del i sin nye, rike ektemanns familietradisjon; et dødelig spill.

I skrivende stund har filmen en kritikerscore på 89 % (basert på 124 anmeldelser) og en publukumsscore på 83 % (basert på 465 anmeldelser) på nettstedet Rotten Tomatoes. DET kan vi like!

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Samara Weaving får trøbbel med svigers i "Ready or Not".
Samara Weaving får trøbbel med svigers i "Ready or Not".

Dette sier kritikerne om filmen:

You best be ready to see this multiple times. It's the horror highlight of the year.

- Culturess

Ready or Not is gauchely delicious satire of rich people terrified by the volatility of their power... It might even be a future classic.

- The Film Experience

[Samara Weaving] is going to jump to the top of every casting director's wish list after this, and if Ready or Not doesn't make her a star outright, it's going to land her the role that will.

- CinemaBlend

Come for the crossbows, etc., and to watch Weaving's star be born in real time; stay for the socio-economic lessons and sweet, sweet revenge.

- Entertainment Weekly

At its best, the movie is a vicious, richly funny, and artfully brutal tale that places Weaving's performance as its gravitational center.

- New York Magazine/Vulture

Will leave you eager to RSVP for this particular wedding over and over.

- GameSpot

It's fast and fun, Weaving's pretty spectacular, and the finale is as cheerfully hokey as one can hope for.


90 minutes of hilariously grotesque mayhem...

- Vogue

None are as watchable as the pretty, prancing, plotting, primal Weaving, who also helps deliver some of the dark humor she teams with to save this predictable, but engaging enough summer horror silliness.

- Your Movies

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