No Trees in the Street

No Trees in the Street

1 t 36 m
Drama / Krim
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Sjanger: Drama / Krim
Manus: Ted Willis
Nasjonalitet: Storbritannia
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 1959

Based on the play by Ted Willis, the film is set in the years just before World War II, when England hadn't completely dug itself out of the worldwide depression. Melvyn Hayes is featured as an aimless teenager, who tries to escape his squalid surroundings by entering a life of crime. He falls in with local hoodlum Herbert Lom, who holds the rest of the slum citizens in the grip of fear including Hayes' own family. No Trees in the Street chronicles Hayes' sordid progress from nickel-and-dime thefts to murder.