Lost in Perfection

Lost in Perfection

1 t 54 m
Drama / Krim / Thriller / Mystikk

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Sjanger: Drama / Krim / Thriller / Mystikk
Manus: Sung Hsin-Yin
Nasjonalitet: Taiwan
Språk: Kinesisk
Produksjonsår: 2023

May is a beautiful and successful woman in many ways. However, her romantic relationships never go well. One day, May’s widowed father tells her he will marry Lan, an ugly and obese murder suspect. Even more shocking is that Lan is accused of being the “Poisonous Widow” who lives a luxurious life by killing her rich husbands. May begins to investigate Lan’s background to save her father from being a victim. Bit by bit, May is subconsciously influenced by Lan’s twisted views on love, money, and sex.