Dear Alice

Dear Alice

1 t 37 m

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Foreløpig har ingen anmeldt Dear Alice
Originaltittel: För kärleken
Sjanger: Drama
Manus: Grace Maharaj-Eriksson, Osmond Karim
Nasjonalitet: Sverige
Språk: Svensk
Produksjonsår: 2010

Very different lives, becomes interweaved during what seems like an ordinary day. Franzis Namazi is a newly arrived immigrant from Gambia to Sweden. He is about to give up on his little store selling African art. Karin Carlsson-Said is a lawyer who is about to enter a new important step in her career as a lawyer. Her husband Moses must send money to his hospitalized father in Uganda, but there are problems with the transaction and has issues with keeping up his work as a Social Worker. Bosse is the TV star who finds out he has been fired off his own show and finds his young wife with another man, Hakan is a charming celebrity with an alcohol problem and now once again needs help from his lawyer Karin Carlsson-Said.