The Hidden (1987)

The Hidden (1987)

1 t 36 m
Action / Skrekk / Science fiction / Thriller
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Originaltittel: The Hidden
Sjanger: Action / Skrekk / Science fiction / Thriller
Nasjonalitet: USA
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 1987

Daytime Emmy-nominee Michael Nouri ("The Terminal," TV''s "The O.C.") and Emmy-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Kyle MacLachlan (TV''s "Desperate Housewives," "Twin Peaks") star as Tom Beck and Lloyd Gallagher, a pair of Los Angeles police detectives assigned to stop a crime spree being perpetrated by what seems to be an alien intruder. When detective Tom Beck is teamed with Lloyd Gallagher to solve a puzzling case, he seems to notice the same odd gait and look in Gallagher''s eyes that he has seen in the criminals. What he doesn''t see at first is that, like the criminals, Gallagher is not human, that he has been sent to earth to apprehend an extraterrestrial criminal in this sci-fi thriller that has become a cult classic.