Fender Bender

Fender Bender

1 t 31 m
Skrekk / Thriller
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Sjanger: Skrekk / Thriller
Manus: Mark Pavia
Nasjonalitet: USA
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 2016

Seventeen-year-old Hilary has just received her drivers license… only to have her first accident shortly thereafter. Innocently exchanging her personal information with the remorseful stranger behind the wheel, Hilary returns home for a quiet evening with friends. But when the man she so readily handed all of her information to reveals himself to be something much darker and sinister than she could imagine, Hilary finds herself in a head-on collision with terror. From writer/director Mark Pavia (Stephen Kings The Night Flier), Fender Bender is an intense crash-and-slash thriller that brings you back to a time when the boxes on the shelf at your local video store beckoned you with masked, knife-wielding maniacs and a twisted sense of morals. (Original Title - Fender Bender) - 2016 Chiller Films. All Rights Reserved.