Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

1 t 49 m
Drama / Familie
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Sjanger: Drama / Familie
Nasjonalitet: Kina, Hong Kong, Japan, USA
Språk: Kinesisk
Produksjonsår: 2005

For the first time in years, aging fisherman Takata Gou-ichi boards a bullet train to Tokyo when he learns his estranged son is gravely ill. But at the hospital, his son refuses to see him. Daughter-in-law Rie urges Takata to watch a videotape of a documentary his son was filming in rural China. Moved by what he sees, Takata vows to complete his son''s work. Though laden with obstacles, his odyssey into the heart of China and the kinship he develops with a fatherless boy and the villagers who care for him recaptures a sense of family he thought he had lost a long time ago.