Moscow Zero

Moscow Zero

1 t 22 m
Action / Eventyr / Krim / Skrekk / Drama
Apple TV
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Sjanger: Action / Eventyr / Krim / Skrekk / Drama
Nasjonalitet: Spania, Storbritannia
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 2006

The walking dead venture through eternity in the horrifying caverns and catacombs below the thriving Russian capitol of Moscow. Owen (Vincent Gallo), an American researcher, enters this asylum looking for his lost archaeologist friend only to discover that venturing into the darkness means that he will have to get past the gatekeeper of Hell, Andrey (Val Kilmer). Seduced by the terrifying secrets and desperate to continue on, Owen strikes a deal with Andrey - but is it a gentlemen''s agreement or a pact with the Devil himself?