Art Heist

Art Heist

1 t 38 m
Action / Krim / Thriller
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Sjanger: Action / Krim / Thriller
Manus: Diane Fine, Evan Spiliotopoulos
Nasjonalitet: USA, Spania
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 2004

A New York-based art expert returns to her old stomping grounds, and into the arms of an old flame, when she is sent to help investigate a series of heists in this action-packed drama set in scenic Barcelona, Spain. Sandra Walker (Ellen Pompeo, Catch Me If You Can) is dispatched by a wealthy client to retrieve a stolen painting that he had on loan to a Barcelona museum. She teams up with her ex-boyfriend, but when their investigation leads to a ruthless Russian mobster and her life is put in danger, Sandra''s estranged husband Bruce (William Baldwin, Backdraft), a New York cop, shows up to take her home. Intent on breaking free from the shackles of their marriage, she reminds him that he''s out of his jurisdiction in more ways than one. But when the heists continue and Bruce discovers Sandra is being framed, they must work together to solve the crimesand clear her name.