Red Knot

Red Knot

1 t 22 m
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Sjanger: Drama
Manus: Scott Cohen
Nasjonalitet: Argentina, USA
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 2014

Newlyweds Peter (Vincent Kartheiser, "Mad Men") and Chloe (Olivia Thirlby, "Juno") jump at the chance to satisfy their wanderlust by taking a belated honeymoon aboard a research vessel bound for Antarctica. Once on board, Peter, a writer, occupies his time documenting the work of whale biologist Roger Payne (playing himself), leaving little time for Chloe. Feeling increasingly neglected by her husband, Chloe begins to drift closer to the enigmatic Captain Emerson (Billy Campbell, "The Killing"). Acts of betrayal ultimately divides the young lovers. Isolated on the ship and set against the vast natural beauty of Antarctica, Peter and Chloe must plumb the depths of their love to discover what each so desperately needs to move forward.