Fiction Makers

Fiction Makers

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Originaltittel: The Fiction Makers
Sjanger: Krim
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 1968

A gang boss, has discovered that a plan that was ingenious enough to work in a novel, could work in real life, and wants to try it out. He follows the plot precisely. An entire fictional headquarters is re-created down to the last electrical and atomic gadget. All the characters are cast and the scheme is set in motion. The Saint stumbles onto the caper when he is mistaken for the author, a science-fiction writer known for creating ‘larger than life’ characters in imaginative situations. The actual writer, turns out to be a beautiful woman. Mr Templar has his hands full, as he crosses that fictitious line between make-believe and reality into a deadly no-man’s zone. There are outbursts of adventure and sensational humour, as The Saint finds himself caught in one of his most bizarre, yet intriguing investigations ever.