The Empty Mirror

1 t 58 m
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Sjanger: Drama
Manus: R. Buckingham
Nasjonalitet: USA
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 1996

THE EMPTY MIRROR, by writer-director Barry Hershey, is an unconventional journey through the looking glass of history into the darkest recesses of the mind of Adolf Hitler, exploring what might have happened if he was cut off from his role as Führer and left to contemplate his deeds, the myths he created and the man he really was. In a dreamlike subterranean environment, detached from historical time, Adolf Hitler confronts the demons of his psyche. As portrayed by renowned actor Norman Rodway, Hitler dictates his memoirs as he encounters apparitions of his fiendish confidant, Joseph Goebbels (Academy Award winner Joel Grey); his enigmatic mistress, Eva Braun (Danish actress Camilla Soeberg); mastermind of his military campaigns, Hermann Goering (Glenn Shadix); and legendary psychologist, Sigmund Freud (Peter Michael Goetz). Through Hitler’s feverish thoughts and confrontations with nightmarish visions, we witness a terrifying portrayal of ambition and psychosis, domination and destru