Harold Buttleman

Harold Buttleman

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Originaltittel: Harold Buttleman: Daredevil Stuntman
Manus: Francis Stokes
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 2003

Harold Buttleman is a small town tuxedo salesman who thinks he''s the next Evel Knievel. He is on the brink of TV stardom, a 3am spot on the late night cable access, but the life of a daredevil stuntman is harder than it looks. Harold''s parents want him to move out of their basement and his girlfriend wants him to settle into a career selling bathtub parts. For Harold, it all depends on his big break. He gathers the entire town for his gala premiere celebration, but there''s a surprise in store. An offbeat comedy about following your dreams, and the finer points of being shot out of a cannon.