Walter and Carlo - Up on Daddy's Hat

Walter and Carlo - Up on Daddy's Hat

1 t 26 m

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Foreløpig har ingen anmeldt Walter and Carlo - Up on Daddy's Hat
Originaltittel: Walter og Carlo: Op på fars hat
Sjanger: Komedie
Regi: Per Holst
Manus: Ole Stephensen, Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen
Nasjonalitet: Danmark
Språk: Dansk
Produksjonsår: 1985

Walter's a handsome airline steward who catches the eye of Inge, winner of Malaga's Miss Moonlight contest. Carlo is a motor-mouthed goof who has a "heel bar" (a combination shoe shop and tavern); his companion, Elly, is shooting a video of him. Inge discovers she's an unwitting smuggler, bringing diamonds into Denmark in the heel of a sandal she's won at the beauty contest. When Carlo and Walter take Walter's mom on holiday back to Malaga, Inge follows looking for more diamonds. They're also tailed by Ateza, the smuggler; he kidnaps Inge and orders his men to kill Carlo. Blithely unaware of the dangers, Carlo and Walter (with Elly's camera running) pursue their vacation.