Relax Freddy

Relax Freddy

1 t 45 m

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Originaltittel: Slap af, Frede
Sjanger: Komedie
Manus: Erik Balling, Henning Bahs, Jens K. Holm
Nasjonalitet: Danmark
Språk: Dansk
Produksjonsår: 1966

A Chinese diplomat is kidnapped from a conference in Genève and the world peace is at risk. The trail leads to a hiding place in Denmark and the Danish secret service brings in their best agent, agent Smith (Ove Sprogøe), who has been in a psychiatric hospital since his last assignment. To accompany Smith they once again turn to novelty and party tricks salesman Frede Hansen (Morten Grunwald), because they need an unrecognizable man to infiltrate the crime syndicate behind the kidnapping. The syndicate is lead by the mysterious Presto and the only lead is that ''it always involves women''. Beautiful women. Soon Frede is chased around the country by Italian mobsters with Smith trying to keep up. Finally they end up at the syndicate's headquarters; a hotel on top of an old German WWII bunker complex at the Danish west coast, where our heroes fight of gangsters, bikini babes and Presto's trigger happy Mama to uncover the big plot.