Marie and Bruce

Marie and Bruce

1 t 30 m
Komedie / Drama

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Sjanger: Komedie / Drama
Nasjonalitet: USA
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 2004

MARIE AND BRUCE presents one day in the life of an urban couple. It just happens to be the day that Marie decides to leave Bruce. As the alarm clock blinks 7:00AM and Marie and Bruce start the day, the audience is brought into this couple's eccentric world via Marie--verbally abusing Bruce, all before the morning coffee has been brewed. By the time Bruce leaves the house, we're unsure why these two haven't killed each other yet. The audience follows both characters as they independently go about the day, each entertaining their waking fantasies as they maneuver through the streets of the city. After several hours apart, they meet at a friend's cocktail party. As Marie and Bruce move in and out of conversation with strangers and friends alike, it is here that we see them as the world sees them. Although it seems inevitable that Marie will leave Bruce, as the evening wears on, we realize that between the lines of Marie's berating words, a deep bond prevails -- at least until the next