WarGames: The Dead Code

WarGames: The Dead Code

1 t 36 m
Science fiction / Drama / Thriller
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Sjanger: Science fiction / Drama / Thriller
Nasjonalitet: USA
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 2008

Welcome to the deadliest game you''ll ever play. Colm Feore (Paycheck) and Matt Lanter (Heroes) wage war against state-of-the-art defense technology in this riveting, pulse-pounding sequel to the thrilling WarGames. When Will Farmer (Lanter) hacks into a restricted network of online gaming known only as R.I.P.L.E.Y., he stumbles onto a national defense system designed to ferret out fledgling terrorist cells and becomes Ripley''s next target. His identity compromised, his family and friends jeopardized and his hometown in the cross hairs of an automated military response, Will''s only hope to clear his name lies in beating Ripley at her own game. But when the game escalates to the next level, it becomes a race against time to stop Ripley from unleashing Armageddon.