Snow White: A Tale of Terror

Snow White: A Tale of Terror

1 t 40 m
Fantasy / Skrekk / Science fiction
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Foreløpig har ingen anmeldt Snow White: A Tale of Terror
Sjanger: Fantasy / Skrekk / Science fiction
Nasjonalitet: USA
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonsår: 1997

Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neill star in this story of unimaginable horror, where neither dwarves nor princes can save the day. When young Lilli’s (Monica Keena) mother dies in childbirth, her father remarries Lady Claudia (Weaver), a woman ruled by an evil mirror with the power to make her queen of all living things. After escaping an attempt on her life, Lilli finds herself lost in a dark forest… but her adventure is only beginning, and living happily ever after seems unlikely. Based on the original story by the Grimm Brothers and set during the Crusades, Snow White: A Tale of Terror will cast a frightening spell on all who dare to watch it.